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Mission Statement

It is challenging to start a new business. By understanding the most basic needs of our clients, we treat our clients as friends instead of projects. That’s why we always give our best, to achieve our clients’ design needs and marketing plans, like a good friend would do.

Graphic Design Is Communication 
Makes Visual

The alphabet of a formal language is the set of symbols, letters, or tokens from which the strings of the language may be formed; frequently it is required to be finite. The strings formed from this alphabet are called words. Words are then given meanings and used in daily life for communication. 

Differing from linguistic formalism, in art theory, formalism is the concept that a work’s artistic value is entirely determined by its form—the way it is made, its purely visual aspects, and its medium. Formalism emphasizes compositional elements such as color, line, shape and texture. In visual art, formalism is a concept that posits that everything necessary to comprehend a work of art that is contained within the work of art. 

If shapes, colors, and forms we see in our daily life are considered as the alphabet of nonverbal communication, meanings could be connected to those colors, forms, and shapes. And through those colors, forms, and shapes; we can then project the meanings to any given objects or subjects. By combining different colors, shapes, and/or forms, a designer can encode and embed any message into any art works and later decoded by the viewers.

As a graphic designer, it is essential to understand the formal approaches to both linguistic and art, and a way to convert both into basic and easy to understand graphics, an effective design could be created and used for graphic design. This formal approach is especially effective in branding and establishing identity. 

Dolce Far Niente. 

The sweetness of doing nothing. For a long while, we, designers, always think we must do something, sometimes, a lot of things, to make eye-catching design. We tend to forget to make the design speak for itself. Instead, we end up over dressing our design. A good design is like a good glass of water. The taste is satisfying its natural sweetness. It’s the sweetness of doing nothing – let the design speak for itself. In Kudamono, we believe that good designs are like the taste of water – simply satisfying. Other than that, dolce far niente. 

Some of Our Works

Kudamono | CI

Stephanie's Painted Saxophone | Branding

RAMIO | Logo

Stephanie's Painted Saxophone | Postcard

Music Note for Stephanie's | Packaging

Orchid DM | Print Design

HCG Pregnancy Test | Packing Design

Website Design | UI&UX

TLA | 2014 Meida Kit 

Our Design Workflow

Step 1

Understanding your need
  • Our 1st meeting
  • Listening to your need
Getting quotation
  • Understand the design needs
  • Giving the reasonable quote
Signing the contract
  • Sign the quote
  • Pay 50% of quotation as deposit.

Step 2

Grathering design materials
  • Client will supply all the required files
  • All the files must be in high resolution and comply with copyright law.
The First Draft
  • Pick and choose the design you like the most out of three.
  • 25% of qoutation payment is due.

Step 3

Refine the Design
  • The refine process is limited to three times.
  • The layout and style of the design you pickup can be refined during this time.
  • Once done, we can move on to editorial and graphic.
  • Final check on proofreading, it will be done by both side.

Step 4

Project Finalization
  • Receive the download link for your files.
  • Pay off the remaining balance.

It has been a pleasure to do business with you!